Broken path with beaten stones
Never to find my way back home again
Trudging silently through the sorrow drenched areas of my mind
A clouded forecast is all to be seen in the minds eye
Gasping for air the farther I get along
How do I express myself in this world when I feel completely alone
No friend nor foe to lean on
No sun or shine to base my dreams on
A loneliness that’s heavy and a burden to drag
Exhaustion a constant battle as I force my mind to take hold of what little reality I possess
Frustration cloaks the path ahead like mist at night
Utter silence
The kind that wakes you from your slumber
Eerily so that there isn’t even the echo of footsteps
Nothing to distract the mind from the exaggerations and hallucinations that try to overcome my being
Temptation lies ahead for any and all that are seeking a relief from this mundane existence we call life
An existence only brought on by others choices and ones you didn’t have the liberty to decide for yourself
The lucky ones are able to find their way out or at least fake their happiness and imagine the sunshine peeking through the mist
But us, we’re the ones who see the true reality of the life we’re living and where it takes you
Every story comes to an end
It’s our choice how we get there and when we do….
The blackness is the only thing that can comfort you

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